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Selena Y Los Dinos Mis Primeras Grabaciones

Selena Y Los Dinos, is the debut album by Selena Y Los Dinos, under the Freddie Records label. The album didn’t do well, despite radio play of the track, “Ya Se Va.” It was originally released on LP and cassette, but was released on CD for the first time, in 1995, under the new title, “Mis Primeras Grabaciones,” and later re-released in 2005, remastered. During the recording sessions, for Selena Y Los Dinos, Selena only needed a few cuts, unlike many artists older than her. Despite her professionalism, and existing talent, Freddie Records felt that Selena needed more time to develop. Quintanilla, refused to accept this explanation, which implied that Selena was somehow responsible for the dismal reception, of the album, and chose to move the band elsewhere.


When Selena’s father, Abraham Quintanilla Jr, found out that his daughter could sing, he wasted no time seeking out record deals. In 1975, Selena, then only 4 years old, started recording songs on a tape recorder, some of which were later included, in her debut album. In 1980, Selena made her musical debut in her father’s restaurant, Papa Gayos, to help garner a record deal for Selena Y Los Dinos, a band created by her father. In 1983, Selena Y Los Dinos began recording promotional tracks, and eventually landed a record deal, from Freddie Records. In 1984, they finished recording all ten tracks, for their debut album. Selena Y Los Dinos, after finishing her first album, began to sing live in concerts around Texas, to promote the album.

# Title Length Writer(s) Featured Guests
1 Ya Se Va 3:18 Pendiente -
2 Cruzaré La Montaña 3:13 Juan H. Barrón -
3 Se Acabo Aquel Amor 3:27 Abraham Quintanilla, Jr -
4 Ya Lo Sé Que Tú Te Vas 3:23 Juan Gabriel -
5 Parece Que Va A Llover 2:57 Pendiente -
6 Tres Veces No 2:52 Pendiente -
7 Give Me One More Chance 3:25 Abraham Quintanilla, Jr -
8 Tú Solamente Tú 2:57 Pendiente -
9 Lo Tanto Que Te Quiero 3:39 Abraham Quintanilla, Jr -
10 Call Me 3:13 A.B. Quintanilla, III -


“Ya Se Va” (There He Goes), was recorded in 1983. Jorge Antonio Ramirez wrote it, in 1983, and the song was given to Selena, to record as a promotional single. Shortly after Selena recorded the track, it was included on her debut album. “Ya Se Va” was played all over Texas, but received poor reviews, from music critics.

“Se Acabó Aquel Amor” (That Love Is Over), was recorded in 1983. Selena’s father, Abraham Quintanilla, Jr., co-wrote the song for a promotional single, that was released, until the track was later turned over, and included in Selena’s debut album.

“Tres Veces No” (Three Times No), was also recorded in 1983. It was released as a promotional single, and when Selena got her record deal, it was added to her album. The composer who wrote it, is unknown, and many believe the writer was a close friend of Selena’s father.


Country Release Date
USA 1984, 1995, 2005
United Kingdom 1995
Canada 1995
Germany 2005


Country Certification Sales
United States - 50,000
United Kingdom - 15,000
Canada - 20,000
Mexico - 35,000


1- The album, was originally titled Selena Y Los Dinos, and is the only pre-EMI album released on CD.
2- The album went Gold, in Latin Certifications of 50,000, sold by 1995.
3- The album was released 3 times ( “Freddie Records” (1984), “Freddie Records” (1995), “Freddie Records (2005) )

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    I love selena and every thing that has to do with her, and to me and my family, she is still alive, she lives in us. we will always love you and remember you selena.