Selena Quotes

On her accomplishments:

“I’m feel really happy. Its like…you know you work so hard, its been 14 years since we’ve been in this business, and we work hard for many years and you try and try and the more people slam doors in your faces, you wanna try harder and now that the doors are opening up… its like… is this real or or not.” – In February 1995

On the album “Dreaming Of You”

“We have to finish the album, they want it done by April so we can release the single by June and by July the whole album will be out. And I’m sure we’re going to be doing videos for all that. We’re going to be doing promotions in Europe and Japan and all that.” – February 1995

On her musical versatility:

“You name it, we’ve done it all! (laughs)” – Tejano Country Interview February 1995

While being interviewed in her bus:

“Good things come to those who wait” – Puro Tejano Interview w/Freddy Correa Jan 1995

On Children’s Education:

“I feel that education is really important now a days. I feel like I’m in the perfect position to be helping out other children since a lot of families and children use me as a role model.” – Cunningham Middle School 11/14/1994

Being interviewed in Cunningham Middle School:

“If you have a dream, don’t let anyone take it away” – November 14, 1994

Selena’s advice for children:

“If you’re going to be somebody, you need to be a leader, not a follower. Gangs are only for followers. You have to be strong minded and I affirmably believe in the saying the impossible is always possible and you don’t need anybody else to tell you that you’re good.” – Cunningham Middle School 11/14/1994

When compared to Madonna and Janet Jackson:

“I don’t carry myself in a vulgar way, and our songs are not suggestive in any way,” she said. “I just don’t feel that I have to go that route.

“With Madonna, that’s her marketing strategy. I think Janet Jackson wanted to do that because it’s a change. I mean, I want to sell my music. I wear the bra and tight pants onstage. But I don’t think it will go any further than that.”

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