Selena Facts

1- Selena was born in Lake Jackson, Texas. Passed away on March 31st, 1995 at the Days Inn motel in Corpus Christi, Texas.

2- Selena was an animal lover. She owned numerous dogs and a python.

3- Selena once stood out on her neighborhood street corner and gave out free concert tickets to her ‘Live’ concert in Corpus Christi which went on to win a Grammy.

4- Selena had given go-kart rides to neighborhood children. She was also known to take children to McDonald and giving them rides to their schools.

5- The day after the Tejano Music Awards in 1992, Selena and a group of friends stayed in the Marriot Hotel in San Antonio. Selena was making everyone laugh so hard, security guards were almost going to kick them out.

6- During a trip to Saratogo Bowling Lanes, Selena tried to bungee jump that had been set up in the parking lot.

7- George W. Bush Jr named April 16th, 1995 as Selena day.

8- Selena’s favorite colors were black and purple.

9- Selena was the first artist to sign with EMI.

10- The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo concert in 1995 was her last televised concert. Attendance that night was 61,041 fans.

11- Selena opened for Emilio Navaira for 1993′s Houston Livestock and Rodeo show bringing in 57,894 fans.

12- Selena was considered to be the ‘Queen of Tejano’ before her death.

13- The white and red shirts Selena wore in the ‘Amor Prohibido’ music video were Chris’.

14- Selena’s favorite lip colors were Brick from Shannel which to date is discontinued.

15- Selena designed all her stage outfits herself.

16- Selena’s shoe size was 7 1/2.

17- Selena once performed at a birthday party at the start of her popularity.

18- Selena y Los Dinos were once called “Southern Pearl”.

19- Selena once helped out a little girl who had fallen off her bike.

20- On the Sunday before her death, Selena had planned on taking a 7 year old neighborhood kid and a friend to McDonald.

21- Selena’s last recording was ‘Puede Ser’ which was recorded in one take.

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