Rare Family photo.

Selena with Marcella, Abraham, and Suzette Quintanilla

This picture was posted on Suzette Quintanilla’s official Facebook page earlier today.

Selena poses with Abraham and Marcella Quintanilla and sister Suzette outside of a hotel in San Antonio, Texas.

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  • Maricella Gamboa

    Thanking you for allowing us to still look back at one of our most unforgettable performers she is and will always be the best ever!!!!!

  • Patricia nieto

    For many years i have been a fan of selena y los dinos. i must truly say, that she is the best of best!!!! I have not yet, seen a tremendous human being like selena. her music, being humble, personality,love,dedication,honesty,loyalty, seriously she will be ever the best of human beings!! thank god and her parents for sharing her with us !!!! oh, and beautiful smile ever… tremendous person.. she is the only one!1